Construction sector resourcing – let us make your life easier

Our construction sector unit provides construction workers and property service workers for either a lease relationship or for permanent employments. Our objective is always that the employee we supplied is profitable for you. Otherwise, you get your money back.

Recruiters specialised in the sector at your service

All recruiters have solid experience in either the construction or property maintenance sector. We understand your needs and can meet them. We will find the best workers – from construction assistants to seasoned professionals. As regards employee leasing, we charge either by hour or for performance.

We guarantee our service

We keep our promises. If we cannot find a suitable employee within the specified time limit, we will tell you so directly. We will never offer you an employee in whose suitability we cannot trust. Moreover, you have two workdays to assess whether the employee is what we promised. If not, we will not charge for the work done, and we will supply a new worker, if possible.

Reliable construction workers properly equipped

We make your life easier by taking care that all our employees have appropriate equipment, such as safety shoes, a hard hat, goggles, the necessary tools, and a photo identity card. If necessary, they will also have an occupational safety card and hot work card.

Our objective is that our clients' businesses and projects are successful. We focus on providing added value for our clients and increasing the profitability of their business.