Why do we at Barona use video interviews in recruiting

and why do we think it might be a good idea for you to apply on video?

For a very long time we at Barona have pioneered the field of video applications and interviews: in fact the video tool we use, Recruitby.net, is already quite well known among job seekers. So why then are more and more companies turning to video tools in their recruiting? Why do we at Barona use it? What are its true strengths and are there any weaknesses?

Before proceeding into why employers use video tools for recruiting, let’s focus on why you, me or everyone as an applicant for that matter, should use them! In addition to using video tools in the interviews, Barona also provides job seekers with the opportunity to send in their applications with video for any of the positions advertised on our website. Making a video application is not technically difficult nor time consuming. Making one really shows your personality and makes you stand out in a good way! It’s really convenient to record your answers for example from your living room couch. Video application is your free ticket to the first round of interview! You get to dazzle the recruiters with your personality without the fear of getting lost among the hundreds of other candidates who also seem qualified on paper.

Then back to why employers and recruiters use video interviews and application tools. I think it would be safe to say that the biggest benefit is the opportunity to effectively evaluate every qualified candidate. Say you receive a hundred applications for a position: how many candidates would it be possible to interview without the help of a video interview tool? Five? Maybe ten? And could you be certain that these would be the best candidates? With the help of video interview tools, organizations can interview for example all of the 70 candidates that have the right qualifications. The best candidate is not always the one who writes the best job application! Evaluating all candidates with care obviously benefits both sides – employers get better results from recruitments and candidates have better chances to get recruited.

Video interviews and applications are getting more popular day by day and no wonder! They save everyone’s time and help getting better results. So why is it then that some job applicants and also employers avoid the use of this time saving and effective tool? Some might think that using video for applying or interviewing candidates means that you have to know everything about shooting and editing video, or that you have to deal with endless amount of technical difficulties and spend the whole day troubleshooting with your computer. The thing is, it’s not that complicated. These days almost every household has the equipment and knowhow to make a video job application. Web cameras and microphones are integrated into most laptops, and if your laptop does not have them, you can get them from any electronics store for an affordable price. Recruitby.net is simple, easy to use and our personnel will help candidates every step of the way. The website guides the user with understandable instructions and it is easy to save and modify your recordings. This means you can shoot one answer as many times as necessary, and in the end send only the successful ones. So don’t be afraid to show your personality – try video application in your next recruitment effort!

Here are few tips how to record a successful video application:

  1. Choose your shirt wisely. Make sure it’s suitable for a job interview. Pants don’t matter so much as they won’t be visible – right?
  2. Follow the instructions and keep in mind for example the time limits (in case they are given)
  3. Relax and be yourself! You are probably not applying for the position of a news anchor so your application does not have to be stiff nor formal either. But keep in mind that you are being evaluated for a job, so act accordingly.
  4. Choose your background carefully. The camera records wider than just your face.
  5. Don’t forget the lighting. For example a basic nightstand lamp focused on your face helps a lot, if you’re shooting in a room with poor light, or if the scene is backlit.
  6. Placing your laptop/web camera on top of some books or pillows will help you get it leveled at a more favorable angle for your face.

There you have it – the recipe for a successful video application! Thanks for reading and good luck in your next recruitment!


Dan Puha works as an HR Consultant for Barona in the Healthcare department. Dan got recruited partly because of his very successful video application. Dan has many years experience in recruiting and he has also given university lectures with recruiting as the topic.

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